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INDIE ˈɪndi/

(adjective) an independent music group, film company, or record label not belonging to or affiliated with a major record or film company.

Welcome to IndiegoIndie, the only website you’ll ever need for the latest news from everything in the Indie world. My passion is bringing you the newest stories on all of your favorite creative and unique artists.

From film and music festivals to new albums and films, IndigoIndie provides you with the best in-depth coverage so that you’re always up to date and in the know.

In addition to news coverage, IndigoIndie proudly does reviews over new work and art emerging from the Indie world. Coming from the unique perspective of the editor, these reviews are created to help you find music and films you’ll love.

Whether you love the lure of the silver screen or the hypnotic rhythm of unique music, IndigoIndie is here to bring you amazing work in a distinctive fashion.



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If you have any questions, or other business inquiries contact me here–) indigoindie@hotmail.com



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