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‘This Again’ by Tracy Ann Lisa|Music Mondays (indie)

Tracy Ann Lisa’s new reggae-pop inspired song, “This Again” was a very fun song to listen too that felt perfect for a club scene as well as something to listen to on the radio while on the road. The single has a good mix between the reggae beats in the background and the pop sound that Tracy conveys through her alluring vocals, with lyrics that are easy understandable. 

The music video was a visually pleasing as well, and made me want to go and work-out low-key hahaa. Anyways, if you’re a fan of new sounds or just fan of indie music in general you should definitely check out this hot single by Tracy Ann Lisa. Music video below!


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Caribbean singer-songwriter & actress.
Former Hometown
New York

Education Connections
Mount Vernon HS
Delaware County Community College

Union/ Performance Organization Affilliations

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