Just A Regular Arcade|Android/Ios (Game rEview)


‘Just A Regular Arcade’ is a small fun phone game where you can play several different mini games, each with their own storylines, objectives and upgrades.

Gameplay .5/1

On the gameplay side, the mini games are a mix bag. Some of them were entertaining while others were lackluster at best. The controls on some of the games were also wonky and didn’t seem to match up correctly with the finger presses. However, for most of the games the controls are easy to pick up and play through.

just 1.jpeg

Replay 1/1

The game has a good amount of mini-games as well as having scoreboards, and upgrades which is cool since you may suck at a few of the games or not like them but still have a good amount of other content to play through.

just 2

Fun .5/1

In the fun department, the game was “okay” at best. I enjoyed how it felt like you were actually in the cartoon with the crisp animation and wacky storylines and games however most of the mini games were pretty generic and nothing that will really “wow” you.

just 3.jpg

Overall, an okay game with a lot of different mini games but not anything that will surprise you.

After calculating the scores…’Just A Regular Arcade’ gets a 1.5 out of 3!


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