Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Episode 3 of Telltales Wolf Among Us puts you back in the seedy underbelly of FableTown in a very climatic episode that sheds light on the true threat affecting the fables.

Gameplay 1/1

The gameplay in episode 3 was superb, with a good mix of everything that felt right cohesively. The controls themselves felt good in the action scenes and the narrative choices and your control over them felt great.

Creative .5/1

The episode had a good amount of creativeness, with cool new enemies coming into the fray as well as a good amount of  narrative choices that felt unique as well as a good use of the controls making you feel as if your actually in a lot of the action scenes.

Immersion 1/1

The immersion in Episode 3 was top notch once again, with many actions, dialogue choices, and decisions in the game having a very impactful and personal response. You’ll make decisions based on a lot of factors that honestly have real weight and will make you think twice.

Replay 1/1

Episode 3 had a ton of replay-ability that makes going back and trying out the episode a second or third time fun. You’ll have a big decision mid way through that can affect a lot of the choices and events as well as another big one at the end. Outside of that there’s many smaller choices that can also affect how scenes play out.

Fun 1/1

This episode was a blast to play through from start to finish, that illuminated on even more new threats as well as giving a good amount of background info on the current cast of Fable characters that were hidden until now. The action scenes were a blast to play through as well as making some of the tougher decisions.

Overall, a stellar episode that was fun to play through as well as to watch. Wolf Among Us Episode 3 gets a 4.5 out of 5


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