Civil war Part 2! |Art Theme Of The Week

Last weeks part 1 of Civil War Art theme (if you didn’t catch it) was focused on Caps team. This week is focused on team Iron Man! Which side are you on?

iron 1.jpg

Iron Manby nicollearl

iron 2.jpg

Iron Manby ChasingArtwork

iron 3.jpg

Iron Girl Repaintby DeadManAwake

iron 4.jpg

Iron Man Coverby DaveRapoza

iron 5.png

Iron Manby aagito




Machine of Warby Jin-Saotome

war 2.jpg

war machine…by m7781

war 3.jpg

ron Patriotby GENZOMAN

in collaboration with the talented :iconngboy:

black 1.jpg

Black Widowby Elias-Chatzoudis

black 2.jpg

Black Widowby Blueberry-Cat

black 3.jpg

Black Widowby Zarory

panther 1.jpg

Another Black Pantherby chriscopeland

panther 2.jpg

BLACK PANTHER COVER 3by simonebianchi

panther 3.jpg

Black Pantherby artofcarmen

panther 4

T’Challaby Rahzzah

vision 1.png

Avengers: Age of Ultron – The Visionby p1xer

vision 2.jpg

VISIONby MisterChatNoir

vision 3.jpg

Visionby JujuFei

spider 1.jpg

Spider-Man SD 2010_suite_10by duster132

spider 2.jpg

Old spider manby AtomiccircuS

spider 4.jpg

Spider manby rodoalarcon

spider 3

Spider-Man Rocksby brandimillerart


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