MineCraft Story Mode Episode 5: Order Up! (Game Review)

The long awaited episode 5 of Minecraft Story Mode, brings the story full circle with fun and adventure. And also new enemies and friends along the way.

Gameplay .5/1

On the gameplay side, Episode 5 had a few awesome action scenes but other than that you’re pretty much going to be walking around a lot looking for items or people. This would be okay if the people you were able to speak with offered more to the plot.

Immersion 1/1

Immersion wise, Episode 5 did a good job of making you feel like a true hero, showing the positive sides as well as the ramifications that the popularity can bring to you. I was also glad that we were able to see more character development in the bully Aiden. It felt natural, and not forced, during the time gap between episodes.

Creative 1/1

Creative wise, Episode 5 did a good job in bringing in new elements and a cool story flip close to the end which actually had me quite surprised. It was also good seeing the political side of Minecraft.

Replay .5/1

Replay wise, the episode had a few good moments where you can change the course of things, but nothing really mind blowing, or will change the story much at the end, even if you tried to kill a certain character.

Fun .5/1

The episode was an okay amount of fun. It had story elements and plot that I liked but I felt it was missing something to truly be an epic ending to the first half of the series.

After calculating the scores, Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5 gets a 3.5 out of 5!


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