Civil War! (Marvel style) Part 1 |Art Theme Of The Week

Marvel’s Captain America Civil War just came out and I got to say it was a pretty epic movie! To celebrate, let’s shed on some awesome art work from some of the heroes from the film. Part #1!

cap 1.jpg

Captain Americaby YoriNarpati

cap 2

captain america…..who knewby nebezial

cap 3


cap 4.jpg

Captain Americaby AndyFairhurst

hawk 1

hawkeyeby SBraithwaite

hawk 2

Hawkeyeby VoydKessler

hawk 3

Hawkeyeby theDURRRRIAN

hawk 4.jpg

mondo: avengers: hawkeyeby strongstuff

sharon 1.jpg

Marvel – Sharon Carterby GENZOMAN

sharon 2.jpg

Commission: A clash on New York roofsby Aioras

falcon 1.jpg

Falconby uncannyknack

falcon 2.jpg

Falcon colorsby jharris

falcon 3.jpg

Falcon’s Flightby Kesomon

buckey 1

bucky barnesby MELLORIA358

buckey 2.jpg

: Bucky :by BastardPrince

buckey 3.jpg

Winter Soldierby jasric

ant 1.jpg

Ant-Manby uncannyknack

ant 2

Ant-Manby pencilHeadno7

ant 3.jpg

Ant Man Lineartby RossoWinch

scar 1.jpg

Scarletby XiaMan

scar 2.jpg

Scarlet Witchby LuLebel

eyefeather-stock >>>
hellonlegs >>

scar 3.jpg

Scarlet Witchby Cinar

scar 4.jpg

Rainbow of Evil: Red for Scarlet Witchby ryodita


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