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Keeping My Distance |David Arn #indiemusic


David Arn’s newest single as well as music video are another awesome package that any fan of his (or frankly, any indie music lover) would enjoy. On the music side, the instrumentals are spot on, guiding you emotionally into the lyrics and story right from the start. The eerie yet powerful lyrics again keep you invested in a David Arn song, with verses that are written smartly, yet in just a way to keep you intrigued and ears in a blissful state instead of being turned off.

On the music video side, ‘Keeping My Distance’ was shot very well, with the cinematography and transitions moving the story in such a way that felt different than watching mainstream music videos, as well as drawing your eye the whole way through. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out the song and music video, just click the video below!




Artist Bio

DAVID ARN is an American singer-songwriter best known for his distinctive albums. A sophisticated and accomplished songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist, his music walks the line between poetry and Americana music, resulting in a highly personal style. His second album, Walking to Dreamland – released in 2015 and engineered by Rob Ulsh at Master Sound Studios and mastered by Yoad Nevo at his London studios, received great reviews. It has been played on over 85 FM stations in the US and Canada. His music is streamed worldwide, among myriad outlets Arn’s music has been featured on NPR stations and heard on Delta Airlines commercial flights.


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