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Vector |indie Game Review (Android/ios)


Vector is a parkour arcade style runner game, that has you trying to escape from the “man”.

Gameplay .5/1

The gameplay in ‘Vector’ is pretty good feeling unique in how real it feels. The objective is simple for each level, and there’s also 2 modes to play through. However jumps and other parkour movements can be delayed which in turn can lead you to restarting the entire level over.

Replay .5/1

On the replay side, the game is has a good amount of challenging levels however on the basic game there’s only 20 levels in total and in the deluxe edition about 40. So if you play it here and there you can stretch it out a bit but if you like to play a couple of hours a day then you’ll probably beat everything fairly quick.

Fun 1/1

Even with its flaws, ‘Vector’ was still an enjoyable game to play and to look at and something that i’ve been able to play every other day at work on break without feeling burnt.

After calculating the scores…’Vector’ gets a 2 out of 3!


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