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Michonne: Walking Dead Miniseries Episode 1 |Game review!



The Telltale Walking Dead miniseries focuses on Michonne when she leaves Rick and their group for a brief period to deal with the emotional demons from her past. Episode 1 does a great job in starting out the 3 part series.

Gameplay 1/1

Gameplay wise, Episode 1 was executed well with Quick time events and choices that didn’t feel out of place. Even though you weren’t actually controlling everything while fighting the walkers, the cinematic take on the quick time events really did make you feel like you were Michonne in all her glory.

Creative 1/1

On the creative side, the episode did a good job for the most part of differing from Telltales other waling dead series in a number of small ways. Also, the episode did a good job of giving the player leeway on how they interpret Michonne, in such a way that most of the choices don’t feel out of place for the character.

Immersion 1/1

The episode did a good job immersive wise, making you feel compassion for Michonne and her dark past as well as the many characters that you are introduced to throughout the story. Hopefully, this continues throughout the other episodes in the mini series.

Replay 1/1

There’s a good amount content in the game that you can go back to and replay, from actions and dialogue choices. Some of them are small, but there are a few big ones that i’m sure will effect how the next episode goes somewhat.

Fun 1/1

Episode 1 of Michonne was an excellent experience that was unique enough in its on right from Telltales other Walking Dead series, as well as filling in new info from Michonne in the comics, telling a cool story that was unknown.

Overall, if you haven’t played this episode yet then what are you waiting for?

After calculating the scores… Michonne Episode 1: In Too Deep gets a 5 out of 5!


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