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Killing your kid, Pregnancy and Breaking Strangers Phone…April Fools?|#TuesdayBlog

Hey guys! So for todays #TuesdayBlog I wanted to elaborate on one of the best “holidays” in the whole year, Aprils Fool Day, and the 3 worst Aprils Fool’s tricks you can pull on your family and friends so that they’ll never want to speak with you for the remainder of the year, or ever.

Numero 1!  Pregnant Prank

The dreaded pregnant prank…If you want to have your family and or significant other in your life after April fools day then please avoid this prank at all costs. Yes, you may record it and upload it to YouTube, and yes you may gain a whole bunch of subscribers and a lot of money, and yes the video can go viral and you can quite your 9 to 5 and just relax on your YouTube money and instant fame for the rest of your life, but is it really worth that 5 minutes of heartache for that other person?

And Yes Guys can pull this prank too


Number ZWEI! Killing Your Kid 

Now Killing your kids sounds like a very bad prank to do right!? I mean what’s the worst that can happen? Now you may be tempted to do this prank too, because I mean if you do it right you get 42 million views like the video below, ton of money and your kid is actually still alive since we’re only pranking this right!?

But sleeping on the couch for a couple of days on top of knowing that your significant other is never going to trust you for a week before you know, you buy them a ticket to any place on the planet for a week vacay from all of the money that you made from the video….Is it really worth it?




Number 3!!!!

And last but certainly not least, the dreaded phone pranks. Now there’s two big ones, the one where you “pretend” to drop someones phone and break it or the one where you ask for someones phone and switch it with your flip phone. Now, this prank may seem PG-13 and honky dory, I mean you get hundreds of thousands of likes and subs if you upload them online, you don’t have to worry about accidently killing your kid and you’re just pranking random strangers, everyone you know personally is not effected. So what’s the worst that can happen?…





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