Heroes for Hire |Art Theme Of The Week

If you’ve been watching the Netflix series Daredevil and Jessica Jones, then you’ve probably heard about the spin-off mini series “Heroes For Hire” also being planned for production once the Iron Fist and Luke Cage series comes out. Well for todays art theme of the week I thought I would go out to find some pretty cool artwork from the deviantart community highlighting the 4 members from the crew. The artwork may not be as important as the Netflix series have been to our hearts (well at least mine, the ending for DareDevil was sick!), but they’e here to hold you over slightly until season 2 of Daredevil and the other members stories comes out!


Hero 1.jpg

JESSICA JONESby chriscrazyhouse

hero 2.jpg

Jessica Jonesby niji707

hero 3.png

Jessica Jones and Kilgraveby roemesquita

hero 4.jpg

Jessica Jonesby jonathanserrot

hero 5.jpg

Jessica Jonesby Johnny-Lighthands

hero 6.jpg

Luke Cageby GavinMichelli

hero 7.jpg

Sweet Christmasby BroHawk

hero 8.jpg

Put A Little Soul In Itby Yusef-Muhammed

hero 9.png

Netflix Defendersby Hikaru96

hero 10.jpg

Ragin’ Cage-in’by EagleGosselin

hero 11.jpg

Daredevilby sean-izaakse

hero 12.jpg

Daredevil roof jumpby ChristianNauck

hero 13.jpg

the knights colouredby anklesnsocks

hero 14.jpg

The Man Without Fearby CreatureBox

hero 15.jpg

Daredevil TV Showby deralbi

hero 16.jpg

Heroes for Hireby KharyRandolph

hero 17.jpg

Iron fistby Nezart

hero 18.jpg

The Immortal Iron Fistby Mro16

iron 19.jpg

Ironfist Prestige Seriesby Thuddleston

hero 20.jpg

Iron Fistby NunoPlati



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