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“Iron Snout” review!


The pig beat-em up, ‘Iron Snout’ has you playing as a piglet that is about that life, on a colorful and brutal fighting adventure for your life.

Gameplay 1/1

The gameplay elements in ‘Iron Snout’ are really simple to use yet has a good amount of depth. You use the arrow keys to attack and evade and you also use them to repel weapon attacks and other cool combos.

iron 1

Creative 1/1

‘Iron Snout’ is pretty creative for the most part, being a martial arts pig thats out to kill the horde of wolves. There’s also a surprising amount of moves that you can utilize with just the arrow keys and it looks good as well.

Immersion .5/1

The immersion in the game is so-so, there are times where you’ll feel like Neo in the matrix but with the same types of enemies popping up every few seconds it’s not something that will keep you on your toes after a few play-throughs.

iron 2

Replay .5/1

On the replay side, ‘Iron Snout’ doesn’t really have much to offer outside of the regular mode and new 1HP mode. There’s no new levels or customization options or elements to unlock. Even with that though, there’s a ton a plethora of combos to learn on each play through which makes playing the game a few times here there fun and not a drag.

Fun .5/1

The game was a fun experience for the most part, but with a lack of new enemies and levels it’s hard to come back to with other games offering the similar gameplay but with more to keep you coming back. Even still, ‘Pig Snout’ is a free game on steam and if you have a couple of minutes to spare the game is a blast for short bursts.

After calculating the scores… ‘Iron Snout’ gets a 3.5 out of 5.


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