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It Goes Down In The DM’s|#TuesdayBlog

Hey guys! So for todays #TuesdayBlog I wanted to elaborate on “DMing” (is that even a word?) hot people on the interwebz. Oh and for those who don’t know what DM means, it means Direct Messaging them, aka privately speaking to them without everyone getting all in your business.

Now first off, does this ever work for you guys? I mean forreal, you here the song for it and everyone always seeming to talk about it but when was the last time someone you know got an a relationship with someone from a DM and not get catfished? Not going to lie, i’ve DM’ed my fair share of ladies on Instagram and got nothing from it, zip, nadda, no response. Idk if that’s because I sent the wrong type of DM or was the girl fake (that’s what I like to believe so that I feel better about myself) but really, has it really went down in the DM’s for anyone in real life? And like they were hot or at least mildly attractive to you? 

Well for all the losers like myself in the “DM” game let me go ahead and share a video about one of the funniest stories i’ve come across about the “dangers” of “DMing” a hot person on the net.

*Note, the person in the video isn’t me, so if anyone who knows me in real life is trying to pin something on me “nuh uh”, it’s not going to work lol. Hope you guys enjoy, be sure to like and subscribe though!



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