RJ Palmer |Artist Of The Week

I’ve done a post on Rj Palmer a while back before touching on his realistic take on the Pokemon world and thought it would be great to do another feature on him this time showcasing some of his newer works. Also, I felt that this was great timing since a few weeks ago their was news about the new pokemon games being “Sun” and “Moon” (for those of you who are fans).

Anyways, if your a fan of Pokemon or not sit back and relax and take a look on different , weird and fantasy like animals that would be pretty cool to have in our world today. Who knows, these could creatures in a different universe for all we know. 

*Plus, if you’re a fan of this type of art, be sure to check out RJ Palmers art store, you won’d be disappointed! 

rj 1.gif

-Zapdos-by arvalis

rj 2.jpg

-Steelix-by arvalis

rj 3.jpg

-Ninetales-by arvalis

rj 4.jpg

-Kyurem-by arvalis

rj 5.jpg

-Noivern-by arvalis

rj 6.jpg

-Giratina-by arvalis

rj 7.jpg

Pit Griffinby arvalis

rj 8.jpg

-Meganium-by arvalis

rj 9.jpg

-Typhlosion-by arvalis

rj 10.jpg

-Arcanine-by arvalis

rj 11.jpg

-Eevee-by arvalis

rj 12.jpg

-Water-by arvalis

rj 13.jpg

Pengoonby arvalis

rj 14.jpg

-Fire-by arvalis

rj 15.jpg

Sonic the Realhogby arvalis


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