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Hand of Fate review! |console/pc



The deck building game come to life, “Hand of Fate” has you playing through quests while earning new cards and defeating new enemies in a very creative way.

Gameplay 1/1

The gameplay in ‘Hand Of Fate’ is good, easy to pick up and play yet with enough meat to make it a good challenge once you get to some of the higher levels. The hack and slash moments are fun to play through and the ease of building your decks and unlocking new ones was spot on.

hand fate 1.jpg

Creative 1/1

‘Hand of Fate’ is very creative, mixing in card building and Action RPG elements in a way that gets it right. There’s plenty of cards to collect that can change your approach in getting through each level and the obstacle and fighting moments make the game fee like a  board/card game come to life.

Immersion 1/1

The game does an excellent job of immersing you into the story, with a crisp yet eerie narration as well as the card building system that makes you feel as if you’re actually shaping your story.

hand fate 2.jpg

Replay 1/1

‘Hand of Fate’ offers a lot on the replay side, with a good amount of levels to complete through with varying degrees of  enemies to beat as well as a slick card building system that has a good amount of meat.

Fun 1/1

‘Hand Of Fate’ was a blast to play through,and I can see it easily soaking up hours of my daily life. The card building was fun and the action parts were also a blast to play through. Add that in with the eerie narration and you got yourself a winner.

After calculating the scores… “Hand Of Fate” gets 5 out of 5!

hand fate 3


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