Goal Setting|#TuesdayBlog #redemption

Hey guys! So for todays #TuesdayBlog I wanted to briefly go over the importance of goal setting and constantly pushing yourself to be better. Life can be rough, especially if you’re just out in the real world from college or heck been in the real world and jobs or other factors don’t fall in line like you had hope.

goals 6

Now if you have a future that you have planned for yourself but you’re not there yet then instead of wishing you were there, make goals to be there. The first thing you should do is write it down, make a quick checklist on things that you want to accomplish and then in order writing down plans on how you would get there. You would be amazed on how much time this can save for you as well as amazed on feasible that goal is once you have it written down. Now, i’m not going to lie to you, you may have a ton of goals now written down and you’ll probably forget about a majority of them after a while but there should be at least a few that you’re actively pursuing or still in your head and those would be the first ones I would continue to work on.

And once you beat one of your goals you may have new goals to further that one even more and as long as you keep progressing, the more you’ll learn as well as the more you’ll feel accomplished. I fully believe in self growth and trying instead of giving up and becoming complacent. Some goals for yourself you may not reach, but if you keep actively working and gaining knowledge you may find something else that comes up that is even better that you would have never known about prior to trying to accomplish your other goal.

 goals 4

Life is hard and there’s so many things to do, things to buy, places to travel, experiences to enjoy, but if you’re in a place right now that doesn’t foster that don’t give up, just start slow and slowly work your way there. I would rather live my life trying 1,000 times and failing each time then to try once, fail, and live the rest of my life  in mediocrity because i’m too “scared” to try again. 

goals 5


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