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The Importance of “Me Time”|#Tuesdayblog


me time 3

Hey guys! So for this weeks #Tuesdayblog I wanted to go over the importance of me time and why I think everyone should schedule some time everyday for it. Now for those who are hectic like I am, you probably feel like you need at least 4 or 5 extra hours in the day to accomplish all of your tasks and not going to lie I wish we did. However, we’re limited to the 24 hour cycle and how efficient we work during that time impacts on how much we can get accomplished.

Now with the “Me time”, I think it’s good to take maybe 15 to 30 minutes everyday to just settle your mind a bit. I’ve just now started having “me time” after work where i’ll load up a YouTube video or an online lecture and have that playing in the background where i’ll do a whole bunch of different stretches and in-door exercises to keep my body whole, relaxed, and stress free from the long hours of work. 

me time 4

For me, i’ve noticed that just taking that little time off after work before I start up with my other work has gave my body a new sense or resurrection as well as slightly boosting my productivity. I’ve been able to truck through my other work at a faster rate then I did when I used to go straight home and do my other work with no break, which helps in allowing me to get more sleep before work the next day haha.

Also, I’ve noticed during “me time” i’ve been able to think of new ideas that I wouldn’t have thought about as well as free time to solve problems that I may have had earlier in the week but couldn’t figure out.

“Me Time” for each person is catered specifically to you individually, so for me I like being able to do some stretches and in-home workout since i’m at a desk all day pretty much being lazy sitting down. But for you, it may be just drinking some coffee on the couch, taking a nap, maybe watching your favorite TV show or maybe going for a quick walk or reading a book or the newspaper. If you’re stressed out a lot like I used to be just take that little time each day for yourself and after a while you’ll definitely see a difference! 🙂

me time 5


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