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(Review!) Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4


Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4 takes you on a fulfilling adventure that takes you full Circle in completing your adventure from the first episode and either saving or dooming the world; and also shiny new armor!

Gameplay .5/1

The gameplay in this episode is okay, a satisfying ending that was a blast to play through however some elements in the game didn’t feel necessary such as the maze a little mid-way through which felt like it should have been shortened or cut out completely.

mine pic 1.jpg

Immersion 1/1

Episode 4 was great immersion wise, with a good amount of story elements that drew you into the story even more, as well as a good amount of personal choices that you can choose to customize your character even more. I had a blast picking out my gold and black armor to fight the big boss even though the armor itself had no impact on the story.

Creative .5/1

This episode didn’t have as much new creative elements as it did in the 3rd episode but it still had a good amount of personalization that made you feel as if you were actually going out to defeat the Wither. If you’ve played through the other episodes you won’t see anything new on this one that will blow your mind.

mine pic 2.jpg

Replay .5/1 

This episode didn’t have much replay value with the main adventure coming to a full circle. There are a few dialogue choices that you can change and armor designs or weapons, but it doesn’t affect anything.

Fun 1/1

Even though the episode may not have been the best episode, at least from the criteria above, the episode still was a blast to play through and it was a great wrap up to the story that actually felt pretty epic at the end.

Overall, a not too shabby adventure that may didn’t have as much fresh things to complete through but was still a blast to play and to end the first chapter of the their journey.

After calculating the scores…

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 4 gets a 3.5 out of 5!

mine pic 3.jpg


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