Making $$ on Instagram (side $$$)|#Tuesdayblog


You read the title right, there are loads of people making $$ (either full time or to supplement their other income) just by posting pictures on the Instagram app. But how can you do it?

Well there’s a few different ways, you can have a product, a lot of followers, or be a celebrity. Ok, you don’t have to be a celebrity per se but if you live a pretty cool extravagant life and post pictures on instagram you’ll probably have a good market. Now if you’re selling your own product, you can make money from Instagram by utilizing that as another hub to reach more clients or potential customers who will buy your product. Use hashtags that are very popular as well as relevant to the product (you can use google to find the exact ones) and slowly grow your social base as well as potential revenue.

insta 2.jpg

If you don’t have a product you can still make money like a lot of the “instafamous” people do by having businesses, Corporations, etc paying you to wear their clothes or to post a pic with their product. Now for this, you’ll FIRST have to grow a social base, so start growing your Instagram channel by posting more pics that your certain audience would like, so if you’re a car guy more cool cars or car customizations of your own. If you’re an aspiring model more pics of yourself (be sure to #hashtag a LOT if you’re just starting out), fitness guru-working out, poses and tips, etc.

From there you can start contacting smaller businesses and offer your page/post as an advertisement partnership and start off doing a few instagram posts with product placement. If you’re really big you can go to bigger businesses or heck you’ll probably have a lot of businesses or products already DMing (contacting) you wanting you to do a product placement for “X” amount of dollars. 

Check out some of the vids below so that you can get a better idea on how much instagramers can make as well as other ways you can use the platform to make money yourself!






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