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(Review!) One Finger Death Punch! |Anroid/ios


The stick figure beat em up “One Finger Death Punch”, tasks you as beating up an army of stick figures out to beat you down with a single press of a button. It’s action packed and varied but does it beat the console version?

Gameplay 1/1

                On the gameplay side, “One Finger Death Punch” brings in a nice balance of skill and fast finger presses as you delicately try to attack the right enemies at the right time before getting hit yourself. There’s also a multitude of different fighting styles that your stick figure can us as well as a good amount of modes including survival, missions as well as hard mode which changes up the game a lot as well, with new elements and challenges that makes the game feel even more unique.

one punch 1.jpg

Replay 1/1

                On the replay side, the game offers a good mix of things to do consistently and there’s pretty much always something to play or challenge to complete each time you get on which is refreshing.

Fun .5/1

                “One Finger Death Punch” offers a good amount of fun on the go with a good amount of modes and fun fighting styles. On the negative side however, there is a big grind and you’ll find yourself doing the same thing over and over again before you can even unlock some of the higher tier fighting styles or items, unless of course you pay for it…

Overall, a fun fighting stick figure game that may not be as fun or complete as the console version but still fun to pick up and play on the go. After calculating the scores, “ONE FINGER DEATH PUNCH” gets a 2.5 out of 3!

one punch 2.jpg


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