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Paying Student Loans(/debt) |#Tuesdayblog


If you’re a recent grad or heck graduated in general from a university then you probably know or head about the dreaded student loan debts. If you’re lucky you graduated with either no debt or very small debt that’ll be readily easy to pay off in a few weeks or months, however if you’re like the rest of us then you’ve probably got a good size of debt that either A.) you didn’t even know about B.) You did know about but you didn’t know how money worked backed then since your parents was paying for everything or C.) you knew about and you’ve been dreading. 

student debt 1

Well, there’s no reason to get mad about it now if you’ve already graduated it’s time to pay it off! For myself, I made a detailed budget sheet on all of my expenses to see where my money would go to whenever I do move out and how much money I would then spend towards my student loan debt. I then made a separate savings account designated just for my student loans so that I wouldn’t touch it. Since i’m currently living with my parents still it’s been quite easy to put money towards it each month however that will definitely change up a bit when I move out. But before then I also plan on probably putting a few thousand (or maybe a few hundred) in that account just for emergencies or maybe a few hundred and then use the couple thousand to pay off some of the principal so that just in case I get in an emergency I know that I have money in the student loan account or to pay it off even sooner. 

Below are some more vids on how others were able to pay off their students loans quickly and start living life debt free. Enjoy!





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