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(Review!) Slybots:Frantic Zone |PC/Mac



Slybots, a dual stick 4 player shooter where you compete in crazy 3 minute matches, robot against robot. But is it as fun as it sounds?

Gameplay .5/1

The gameplay in the current version of the game is fun yet it still needs work. The controls are easy to pick up and play for any type of gamer however the action on the screen can get quite hectic and it’s quite easy to lose control of where your machine is located which can lead to quick deaths. Also, the deathmatch mode for single player is broken, and you’ll be faced off with opponents who don’t actually move.

sly 1.jpg

Creative .5/1

If you’ve played other dual stick shooter arena type games then this one will play pretty much the same, with level designs and power-ups. However, there a few cool new tricks like the saber like weapon that was a blast to use as well as being able to hide in containers and pop out to attack the competition as well as being able to turn your robot off and glide towards opponents before powering back on and surprise attacking.

Immersion .5/1

Slybots does an okay job immersion wise, the accessibility and easy controls makes it easy to stay immersed initially while playing however after a few games it will start to wear off a bit exposing the game to pretty much using the same tactics again and again in order to score points.

sly 2

Replay .5/1

The replay in the game is a mixed bag, there are a few new modes and options that are currently being worked on which can definitely raise the bar however the modes currently in the game are fun for quick spurts while playing with others but there’s not much to keep you coming back.

Fun 1/1

The game is a good amount of fun even with some of its flaws. Mind you, the game can be pretty boring by yourself however with friends it’s easily something you can play through when your all bored and looking for something that’s competitive.

Overall, an okay arena style game that currently lacks depth that you may expect from a lot of multiplayer games, but still quite enjoyable for the quick spurts you do play it in.

Slybots gets a… 3 out of 5!

slybots thumbnail




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