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DIY cards! (Valentines Day)|#bloggerTuesday

So if you know me in real life, outside of this digital wonderland :P, then you probably know that I give awesome cards! I’m not exactly for sure when it started but I know sometime when I was young I always liked making cards instead of just buying some generic ones at the store. At first I felt that it was only a kid thing but as I grew older and I started to see that actually making a card for a significant other or friend had more meaning than just buying one with no thought put into it. Fast forward now and it’s almost exclusive that i’ll make a card for someone, well at least if they’re important to me in some way haha.

Now, there are a lot of different ways to make your on card from cards with drawings that you made yourself, to paintings, etc. I personally like to make a card with a few drawings, something in the front and then inside the card a drawing and happy whatever (i.e ‘Happy Birthday’,’Merry Christmas’, etc) and then a funny comment about something that we other discussed or that they would only get/inside joke.

valentines card 2

I also like to add in 3D images as well, which is quite easy to do matter of fact. Just get a piece of a paper, drawing something (rose, flower, car, something funny, etc.) and then cut it out. Next get either the rest of the paper or cut out a rectangular strip of a new piece and then fold it like your making stairs. If you do it right you’ll be able to then push the folded paper together and then letting go of the front it should push out. From there you can just tape one end to the card and the other end with the drawing that you cut out and have it folded in the card and then when you open it, it should “pop out”.

Anyways, below are some cool examples of other works that you can use on your DIY card and impress your friends or lovers this Valentines day. Have fun!


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