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Making Money On Youtube (side $$$)|#bloggerTuesday


If you’re a big Youtube watcher/fan than you’ve probably thought about making your own channel at one point in time, either for a hobby or to be reach! There’s a ton of YouTubers now just like yourself who thought about it and made a channel and now making a full time living off of it as well as others who are aren’t making the big bucks but making a little extra on the side to use on other expenses, like trips, entertainment or the dreaded student loans. 

Today for #bloggerTuesday, I wanted to go ahead and do a post about making money on Youtube and the logistics of it, and also shed light on some possible ways you yourself can make a little side cash. I currently run a youtube channel that I started up seriously a few months after college last year and have had a blast doing so. I don’t make millions, heck I don’t make that much from it yet however I have made more on that then I did in my first two years creating this blog site in just the first 2 months so it has potential. 

youtube money 1

One of the things I’ve noticed with a lot of the newer big channels that seemingly pop into existence and ascend into “subscriber heaven” follow trends. Also niches can be a good start depending on the niche as well as the creative flair of the videos can also boost a channel to stardom. Some markets are saturated, like gaming, however if you can find some way to set yourself apart as well as having consistent videos each week you can chip yourself a nice little place in the mountain of YouTube. 

So if you’re a editing wiz then YouTube is definitely something that you should look into but if you’re not but maybe have a hobby or just like to talk about certain things or random things then there’s a place for you as well on YouTube.

Now to the money! Check out some of the vids below that I hand picked to give you an idea on what to expect on the journey of YouTube as well as how to make a little extra cash. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Making Money On Youtube (side $$$)|#bloggerTuesday

  1. Good article, as always. I am a little confused how monetization works. I think a site called Rumblefish collects the ad money from YouTube and distributes it. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations of how individuals set up the process? Is there another company that does it? Can you work directly with YouTube?


    • Hey David, thanks for checking out the article! Yes, for Youtube when you create a channel you can partner directly with ‘YouTube’ (right when you create the channel now) without having to join any other network and then you can enable monetization. From there whenever you create a Youtube video you can then enable monetization so that you can get paid for when certain ads hit your video. You can also set up your Paypal to the account as well!

      Here’s a video that helped me out when first starting!

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