Minimalist #Part2! |Art Theme Of The Week

I’m a big fan of minimalist art in all forms mainly because it strikes feelings and emotions in a more subtle yet heart felt way compared to other forms of art sometimes (at least to me), and allows you to connect with the character or art work in a different manner. Check out some of my other favorite Minimalist art brought to you by the awesome deviant artists themselves!

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z 1.jpg

Evolution of Dick Grayson minimalistby phil-cho

z 2.png

One Piece Minimalist Poster – Messageby MinimallyOnePiece

z 3.png

inimalist Batmanby rcrosby93

z 4.png

ASL Minimalistby AnnaHiwatari

z 5.png

[Request] Shingeki no Kyojin – Mikasa Ackermanby Krukmeister

z 6.png

Burdend with Great Purposeby the-Orator

z 7.png

TMNT: Cowabunga !by ItomiBhaa

z 8.png

Luffy-SW minimalist wallpaperby AnnaHiwatari

z 9.jpg

Eveelutions Minimalist Vectorby Krukmeister

 z 10.jpg

Weapon Xby blo0p

z 11.jpg

Minimalist Pokemon 7 to 9by Boydom

z 12.jpg

Spirited Away minimalist posterby aglover0007

z 13.png

Nightcrawler minimalismby AtomicKittenStudios

z 14

Gambit Minimalismby AtomicKittenStudios

z 15.png

One Punch Man – Genosby Krukmeister

z 16.jpg

Prime Timeby stourangeau

z 17.jpg

Trooperby Noble–6

z 18.jpg

League of Legends – Nautilusby ASkyblueBunny

z 19.jpg

Iron Man Minimalismby Yusef-Muhammed

z 20.png

11th Doctor/Amy Pond Minimalist Wallpaperby greenmapple17


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