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Phone Game Review! Piano Tiles 2

The second addition to the series, “Piano Tiles 2” packs in even more challenges as well as more visuals and songs to play through. But does it beat the first game in the series?

Gameplay 1/1

On the gameplay side, “Piano Tiles 2” is an easy to pick up and play game where you tap the cascading black keys while ignoring the white ones. It’s pretty easy at first but quickly ramps up once you get more into the song with faster cascading keys as well as more challenging patterns. Also there’s a plethora of different “christmas” themed songs to play through and once you master one level there’s always more!

piano 1.jpg

Replay 1/1

On the replay side, “Piano Tiles 2” has a lot of meat that will keep you coming back for more, either to rack up more points to beat  a friend on a particular level, or to master a new song that you can’t seem to be able to complete in any degree. It has the addictiveness of “Flappy Bird” without all of the anger.

Fun 1/1

In the Fun department, “Piano Tiles 2” is a fun game no matter when or how long I play it. Great collection of themed songs with an easy to use game mechanic that anyone can pick up and play at any age.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun phone game to play then this is definitely something you should keep on your radar. After calculating the scores…”Piano Tiles 2” gets a 3 out of 3!

piano 4.jpg


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