Sci Fi #Part 2 |Art Theme Of The Week

Sci Fi part 2! If you haven’t guessed by now i’m a big sci-fi fan and love to look at awesome science fiction inspired pieces on DeviantArt in my free time. Here’s a few of my other favorites for this week. If you like be sure to check out the Deviant Artists profile to see even more of their awesome works!

sci 1.jpg

Guardians of the Galaxyby PatrickBrown

sci 2

Chargeby JonasDeRo

sci 3.jpg

Crashedby Kailyze

sci 4

Galaxy Saga (applibot) The demon killer advancedby djahal

sci 5.png


sci 6.jpg

4 Seconds to Greenby M0nkeyBread

sci 7.jpg

Samuraiby Hideyoshi

sci 8.png

Beacon – The Knightby JoshCorpuz85

sci 9.jpg

LegacyWeaponby DiegoGisbertLlorens

sci 10.jpg

Poe Dameron – Star Wars The Force Awakensby jdelgado

sci 11.jpg

Raining Cityby nkabuto

sci 12.jpg

On Targetby madspartan013

sci 13.jpg rashomike

sci 14.jpg

Mecha – final stepby Grosnez

sci 15

Awakenedby mkmatsumoto

sci 16.jpg

Archangelby juliedillon

sci 17.jpg

Darth Monroeby MartaNael

sci 18.jpg

Big Five: African Wild Dogby CrazyAsian1

sci 19.jpg

Space whaleby Tryingtofly

sci 20.jpg

Eve –by DanLuVisiArt


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