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The first feature documentary on Iceland’s very controversial whaling industry, “Breach” shows first hand accounts from people in the whaling industry as well as individuals opposed to it. The documentary does a good job in exposing the country’s illegal participation in the hunting as well as showing the political, national and worldwide ramifications that the hunting brings.

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Even though the independent film sheds light on this ridiculed “tradition” still being practiced in Iceland today, the film does a good job in not being overly bias in any one side. You’ll hear testimonials from people who are against it and feel that whaling is wrong or detrimental to the animals themselves, however you’ll hear very strong opinions from the opposite side with people hunting whales so that they can make money to live, or to appease to the high market from tourists or overseas (Japan), not seeing much of a difference between a Whale and any other fish we humans have readily hunted.

“Tradition” is a highly debated term that the film illuminated on as well, with some people believing that whaling really is part of the tradition of Iceland so that’s why they either agree or have no comment on the highly debated topic while others may think the opposite, since this “tradition” was started recently for economic/commercialization needs.

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The film also brings another piece to the table when exploring Iceland’s massive whale watch industry, which brings many tourists to the country as well as boosting revenue for the economy. This particular piece on the table is important because it brings even more discussions on what’s affecting the decrease in whales, some blaming either whaling or whale watching over the other. I personally am intrigued on doing some further research for myself to see which viewpoint i’ll agree on.

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A fascinating and very informative documentary, “Breach” does an excellent job in shedding light on the highly criticized practice in Iceland, with shocking statistics graphically shown as well as very personal first person accounts and viewpoints on the matter. If you haven’t already be sure to click the pic (or link) below and watch it for yourself!

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Jonny Zwick, Director & Producer

Jonny Zwick is a filmmaker from Santa Barbara, CA. Growing up along the coast, he felt a connection with the ocean at a young age. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a journalism degree in 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television, working as a producer on shows for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and A&E. [Read More]

Michael Rosen, Executive Producer Michael Rosen, President of August Road Entertainment, is an award-winning producer, director, and recipient of honors including five Telly Awards, The Fund’s Social Justice Award, the CINE Gold Eagle, and multiple film festival awards.  [Read More]

Ramin Fathie, Executive ProducerRamin Fathie, President of Viceroy Films, is an award-winning producer who has been involved in the making of film, television and media since 1994.

Prior to founding Viceroy Films, Fathie worked with Steven Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. Over a two-year period, he photographed over 500 interviews in the New York area. [Read More]


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