Metal Gear! |Art Theme Of The Week

I’m a big fan of Metal Gear ever since being stumped on the first metal gear solid back in the old Playstation (one) days. Ever since i’ve been following the series by either playing or watching others play and I got to say i’m liking where the series is headed compared to a lot of my other childhood gaming series. Anyways, here’s a few of my fave “Metal Gear” inspired art works from the deviant Art community. Got to say, they did an awesome job!

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metal 1.jpg

metal gear solidby scoppetta

metal 2.jpg

Metal Gear Senileby 2dforever

metal 3.png

Metal Gear Vinyl: Revengeanceby Metal-Kitty

metal 4.jpg


metal 5.jpg

Metal Gearby RobDuenas

metal 19

Quietby muju

metal 6

Metal Gear Foreverby AenTheArtist

metal 7.jpg

Raiden Metal Gear Rising : Revengeanceby Froitz

metal 8.jpg

Snake Shotby Artgerm

metal 9.jpg

MGRR: Jack the Ripperby Enijoi

metal 10.jpg

Samus and Snakeby oh8

metal 11.jpg

ahh! a snake!by ChasingArtwork

metal 12.jpg

I am Lightningby MarcWasHere

metal 13.jpg

No Place to Hideby MarcWasHere

metal 14.jpg

Raiden Risingby PatrickBrown

metal 15.jpg

metal gearby nefar007

metal 21.jpg

Revolver Ocelotby Gliblord

metal 17.jpg

Snake from Metal Gear Solidby BlondynkiTezGraja

metal 18.jpg

Solid Snakeby MeganeRid

metal 20.jpg

Quiet Sketchby Koyorin


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