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New Years Resolution Lies That You Tell Yourself |Tuesday Tutorials

So todays “Tutorial” really isn’t a tutorial per se but a little light hearted banter and videos about the New Year resolution lies we tell ourselves. I remember growing up & my parents telling me about them and how I would set up all of these crazy ideas and goals that I would totally “accomplish” when the next year starts and the next year starts and nothing happened. Or, as I grew older (like in College) and would start out strong at the start, and by “strong”, I mean doing something for one month and then getting bored and stopping it until the, “next year, yeah next year is definitely going to be my year”. 

lying 1

Since last year (or should i say about 5 months ago), I’ve re-evaluated myself a lot and by doing so I’ve seen a very positive change in my life both economically and personal wise. One of the big things that I changed is thinking that I have to start something new or change something in my routine in a arbitrary time or year when I can start doing it now! Now yes, there are goals that you can’t just start immediately where you’ll have building blocks to get through in order to start but why not start on building that foundation now instead of next year? If you feel that working out is something that you want to do then start out slow and gradually grow into it instead of just waiting until the next year starts, going 100% for a month and then stop when you’re burnt out. It may be hard but starting out slowly on something will give you greater results then hoping for something arbitrary like a new year in time to completely change your whole mindset for the entire year. 

Anyways, here’s some other rants about New Years resolutions that you tell yourself, enjoy!


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