Wolf Among Us Episode 1 Review!


The first episode in the interactive adventure based on the comic book series “Fables” from Bill Willingham puts you into the shoes of the big bad wolf also known as “Bigby” as the sheriff of the town trying to unravel a very mysterious murder.

A lot of twists and turns, Episode 1 of the wolf among us will definitely keep you guessing.

1.) Gameplay

On the gameplay side, The wolf among us’ does a great job in control making you feel as if you’re actually in the cut scene bouts as well as in the detective scenes. None of the controls feel out of a hand with being able to interact with the environment and characters with a simple button press. The Quick time events are also done well, with being easy enough to complete but yet at the same time makes you feel as if you’re actually somewhat in control of the events especially when it branches out to let you decide how you want to finish fights such as deciding to rip off Grendals arm or not or to throw the huntsman into the sink or at the closet first in your first fight. 1/1

screen 3

2.) Immersion

The wolf Among Us’ does an excellent job in immersing you into not just the Plot but also the characters surrounding it. Finding out how your favorite child hood fairy tale characters ended up after their stories is kind of an eye opener but also keeps you engaged in learning more about them and their current stories. The immersion also gets better in the character dialogue choices and Fable book, where you can even learn more about the characters and get closer to finding out whose murdering everyone in Fable. 1/1

3.) Creative

The game does a great job in differing itself from the other telltale games in a subtle yet noticeable way. If you’ve played the walking dead or the game of thrones by Telltale then you’ll understand the basic controls however the quick time events seem to have more variety in flair and missing a button press doesn’t automatically doom you which is refreshing. The color elements and style feel unique and the mystical characters and how they’re portrayed in the game feels refreshing. 1/1

screen 2

4.) Replay

The first episode in the series has a good amount of replay value, allowing you not only to change many of the dialogue choices but also impacting a lot of the plot, such as who you save first or not, who you arrest if you can only capture one fleeing suspect, etc. Your not really sure who to trust, and on one play through one character can seem innocent but not the next one completely the opposite. 1/1

screen 1

5.) Fun!

The Wolf Among Us’ does an excellent job in immersing you into the characters and story in such as way that has me wanting to go out to read the actual comic books from which the Game gets its characters from. Immersive plot and fun action scenes, the first episode has it all then some.

Overall, a fun game that anyone who likes stories should play and sets the bar high for the remaining episodes in the series.

After calculating the scores…. “The Wolf Among Us” episode 1 gets a 5 out of 5!!

-Must play!


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