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Why I don’t Dream Anymore |motivational Tuesday!

Okay the title is technically false, I do dream sometimes at night but outside of that I really don’t just “dream” about the life I want, the wife and family I want nor the car that I want, I now set goals and take action! I do have aspirations, grand aspirations at time but I don’t believe any of it is fanciful anymore which helps me so much in destroying any barriers in front of me that I feel would hold me back or what has held me back in the past. I think having aspirations is great and something that everyone should have but without any goals set or visions on how you’ll actually  attain it one day for yourself your only going to be in a blissful dream like state, only hoping and wishing and never doing and pursuing…

The New Years about to start and the big 2016 will be in effect, how will you change? Will you just dream about possibilities and never follow suit or will you actually build the framework and build goals to get to your aspirations one day? You only live once, might as well go all out and go for any goal that you feel you deserve!



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