Comedy / Holiday / Romance / Short film

Mistletoe |Romantic/Comedy Holiday Short Film

A cute little romantic/comedy that I came across that feels like resonated with me a lot because I could totally see myself in the main characters shoes. ‘Mistletoe’ is about a guy named Brian who looks at the new girl he works with as just a friend, however when she gives him “special” cookies as a christmas present he finally realizes that she may have feelings for him and that he may have feelings with her… Stellar acting, great cinematography and an overall fun vibe from start to finish with the plot, ‘Mistletoe’ is a perfect indie short film to watch before christmas in two days!

This film is inspired by the following user-submitted constraints:

• A character must discover a secret another character is hiding, during a white elephant gift exchange.
• Must centrally feature a discussion in which characters go over playlists they’ve made to be played at their funerals.
• One character must wear reindeer antlers.
• One character must be terrified of getting caught standing under mistletoe.
• One character hates it when people always pronounce her name incorrectly.
• A character from a previous Finite Films production must make an appearance.
• There must be at least one child in the film.


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