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Don’t Follow Your Passion!? |motivational Tuesday!

You probably read the title and thought to yourself, “don’t follow my passion? That’s false, I’ve heard of a ton of millionaires who followed their passions and are rich because of it.” And if that’s you, your correct. There’s a ton of people who follow their passions and make it and their’s also a ton of people who don’t necessarily follow their passion and make it as well, learning a new passion from their first along the way. And there’s also people who had a passion for something then lost it and then come back to it and later years and “make it” as well. Let me tell you a little story about myself…

When I was younger I used to love video editing, i remember editing little things on my old computer right when we got dial-up using my ever so favorite “Windows Movie Maker”. A lot of people clown on it now but windows movie maker really helped me become a good editor I found out later on because  a lot of the pitfalls that the program didn’t have I found a way to solve it or at least get close to it as possible. Anyways, I remember editing things a lot until about the 10th grade, to movie and class projects to a lot of other things. And then I took a year off or so and during one of my last semesters in high school I took a 3d modeling class to create photoshop and other 3d models for gaming. One of my last projects was to create a movie using our assets we created, and I remember clearly with our teacher talking about how he hated Windows Movie Maker and that anyone he caught using it would get a bad grade (like lose 30 or 40 points or so). I tried using final cut pro and I just didn’t understand it  and made a very bad video presentation to boot. I didn’t think of it as anything bad because I didn’t see any career in video editing at that time (boy if I only knew!). 

Fast forward to college, I start out as a Computer Scientist then ended up switching to Business, and then ended up in Film and digital media (I know, it was a lot of bouncing around). So one of my first projects in my Production Methods class ( I think that was the name of it) we had to make a movie trailer and I had to use Final Cut Pro again! So after another disaster I was for sure I wasn’t going to be doing anything with editing that much and that if anything was too happen in the future I would be just using windows movie maker and hopefully not get any points taken off. Then came Production Methods 2 where I regained my reinvigoration with editing with the first few weeks in the class being solely on learning Adobe’s Premiere Pro software. I sucked at first, but I slowly started playing with the software more and more and I slowly started to regain that passion for it like I did when I was a kid. Fast forward a few months, i’m making and editing HD videos, talk show like shows as well as trailers and i’m enjoying every bit of it, working in the computer lab at 3, 4, 5 in the morning on the week days and weekends sometimes while everyone else is partying. Fast forward some more months and i’m not quite living off of my editing “yet” (i’m actually in a completely different field that I never saw myself at before but something that I can see as a full career  that will allow me the funds to start some of my other business ideas and investments real soon) but I do enjoy doing it daily when I do get back from work on my YouTube channels. And who knows, with enough daily videos on the channels I may be able to do it for a living  but until then it’s just for fun.

Now going back to the purpose of this post today, I wanted to shed light on a few opposing viewpoints on if you should follow your passion or not. For some the first passion you have is something that you may want to pursue 110% until you die in hopes of making it but for others maybe not following your passion is the smart move because you may come across another passion that you never knew about.


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