The Theory of Hollywood’s Imitation Game

Informative and a great read!


For those interested in the high-profile-biopic genre, the past summer at the movies would have been  the place for you. Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Jack O’Connell each play a talented mathematician/physicist/athlete, who face tremendous challenges in the form of The Nazi Enigma code/Motor Neurone disease/Japanese POW guards, but ultimately beat the odds and survive to become a persecuted homosexual/genius/ war hero. If you have seen The Imitation GameThe Theory of Everything or Unbroken, you may have noticed the formulaic similarities between the three. Each character begins as an adolescent introvert. They either don’t have many friends or they have trouble making friends (often coming off as “weird” due to their eccentric qualities/overwhelming intelligence/Italian heritage).  Zamperini and Hawking then progress to adulthood where they experience success in their chosen field (running/physics), before the tables are devastatingly turned (Zamperini’s fighter plane crashes in the middle of the ocean and Hawking…

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