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(Indie Game Review) The Fall!


The Fall Review

The intriguing sci-fi thriller, “The Fall”, puts you into control of a high tech combat suit named “Arid”. The game starts abruptly with you crash landing from the sky not knowing anything about where you landed or your recent history, the only objective you have is saving your pilot inside the armor, by any means…

1.) Gameplay

The fall is a puzzle action game that gets it right for the most part. The controls feel solid and easy to get used too however I feel some controls could be mapped to the same function like the interact and networking options which could streamline some events when you’re unsure how to interact with an object.

The action scenes in the game feel fun and helps to keep you on your toes while scavenging around however I do feel like some of the puzzles are a bit too challenging at times and could ward off some newbies  who aren’t used to this kind of puzzle game. .5/1

fall 1.png

2.) immersion

The Fall’ does a great job in immersing you into the story and will have you feeling like you really are ARID trying to save her pilot in this strange new facility. If the environments and pop ups don’t keep you engaged, the character dialogues and storytelling will definitely keep you coming back to a play a few sessions each day. The game also does a good job in character progression, characters from the start (including your own) are quite different once you get to the end… 1/1

3.) creativeness

“The Fall” sets itself apart with it’s story as well as gameplay interactions and controls. The game has a solid mix of action and wit and all of the machines have their own flair that makes it hard to contrast anything to black or white, there’s always a grayness looming about. Also a pretty cool feature was how you were able to lock more moves and controls by putting yourself in particular situations that would give you control over more things in the suit as well as being able to activate the start menu as if you were actually your Suits armor. 1/1

4.) Replay

The replay value in the game is “okay”, but you’ll get everything pretty much in the first play through. If you’re a achievement junkie you can always go back to get the ones you missed (if you didn’t so in the first play through) and there’s also a directors commentary option you can turn on too which is quite neat, but there’s nothing you can do to actually change the course of the story. .5/1

5.) fun

“The Fall” was a fun game from start to finish, doing an excellent job of presenting a cool Sci fi story that was very engaging with great character progression and atmosphere. I’m not a big puzzle gamer but I have to say I definitely liked the puzzle elements even more than I did the action sequences. 1/1

fall 2

Overall, “The Fall” is an excellent indie game that I believe everyone should try out if given the chance, and a game that I full recommend to anyone, especially since it’s just the first episode in the series!

After calculating the scores….. “The Fall” gets a 4 out of 5!


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