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“Slow Motion Samurai”-Red Martian |Music Mondays!


The new hot album by Red Martian, “Slow Motion Samurai” hopes to put your ears in a natural bliss of hard hitting instrumentals and chilling vocals.The principal song in the album (also where the album gets its name)’Slow Motion Samurai’ is a slower indie rock song that mixes it up with faster parts keeping a consistent flow instrumental wise that i’m sure many will like.


‘Emeraldas’,’秘密の旋律’  and ‘Away’ bring back the faster hard hitting sounds from the guitar and other instrumentals as well with more upbeat lyrics that will make you want to go out and dance.

Going back to a slower approach, ‘Donkey Back Ride’, ‘Air’ , and ‘Greying’ take your ears on a slower journey once again with slower tugs of the strings and more intimate feel that are best when lying in the bed with the earbuds on after a long day of work.


Another one of my favorites from the album, ‘Petty Happiness’, is great mix of synthetic like sounds with traditional beats  primarily focusing on the instrumentals that sounds like something you would hear in the background of a indie drama trailer, as well as being a nice song to listen too while on the highway while the sun is setting.

The other songs on the album  ‘April’, ‘めがね’ , ‘The Empty Sound’, ‘On You’,  and ‘えいごであそぼう’ are also a good mix of songs with their own flairs that a lot of indie listeners would enjoy.


Overall, a solid collection of songs with enough sounds that i’m sure any listener will find a fave. Check out the full listings of songs below and support another fellow indie artist!



“Formed in 1999, Red Martian came out of the DIY punk scene in Seattle, WA. Drawing influences from My Bloody Valentine, New York Dolls, and Iggy Pop, the band continues to produce hard hitting, whirring guitar sounds that breathe new air into the genre.”



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