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A different take on the visual side, “Isn’t that just the life” is a indie song in the purest sense in all aspects. Funky lyrics that actually start to have a different meaning on your second listen through with a mix of montages and overlays on the music video side that makes the whole package an indie fans dream. If you’re a fan of different takes on music (which I assume you are since you’re on the site) then you should definitely check out this piece for todays Music Monday, video below!

James Stephen Finn – guitars and keyboards
Johny Brown – vocals
Peter Smith – organs and saxophone
William Lewington – drums and percussion
Mark Beazley – bass
Tom Marriott – trombone
Simon Rivers – backing vocals
Anne Gilpin – backing vocals

band 1.jpg

Contact: bandofholyjoy@gmail.com
Bookings: livebandofholyjoy@gmail.com
Press: pressbandofholyjoy@gmail.com
Radio: badpunkradio@gmail.com


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