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Tales From The Bords! |Game Review



Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1

“Tales from the borderlands episode 1”, the first episode in the 5 part episodic series from Telltale game, puts you into the shoes of the two protagonists Rhys and Fiona on a crazy journey throughout the borderlands all starting from a little “Vault key”.  You’ll meet a colorful cast of characters along the way, both bad, and badder in a short yet interesting first part in the series.

1.) Creativeness:

On the creative side, the first episode from “Tales from the bords” does a good job on differentiating itself from a  lot of other games, with a funny cast of characters and ever changing story elements that makes you wonder what exactly is going to happen to next. There’s also a lot  of cool elements that ties the two protagonists together as well as their connections with the characters in the game world, which I also thought was pretty creative alongside how the story of during the first episode was told from two “liars” points of view. 1/1


2.) Replay-ability

The first episode actually has a good amount of replay value, but not necisarrily on changing the course of what happens in the main story much but more along the lines of certain interactions or sayings leading to very different altercations. Also, on a lot of the smaller dialogue options you’ll sometimes get notifications that the character remembered wha you said, haven’t played the other 4 episodes in the series yet i’m not for sure to what extent those choices hold but it seems promising now. .5/1

3.) Gameplay

On the gameplay side, the game feels more like an interactive story than an actual game which is not necessarily a bad thing. For the parts that you do control the character, everything feels quite nice however I wish there were more moments where you could actually do some of the things that are in the cut scenes or at least be able to interact more when you’re actually in control of the protagonists. .5/1


4.) Immersion

The game does a solid job in immersing you into the two protagonists and their stories as well as the world as a whole. You see a good range of the craziness that the Borderlands has to offer and overall feel like you’ve experienced something that wouldn’t be too far fetch to believe plausible in a galaxy far far away. 1/1

5.) Fun!

The first episode was a roller coaster that stayed going up, from start to finish. Fun moments all around, and out of left field moments that actually made playing through the two and half journey fulfilling and itching to dive back in into the game world for the next 4 episodes. 1/1

Overall, a great first start to Telltales first episode in the 5 part series. After calculating the scores……. Tales From the borderlands episode 1 gets a 4 out of 5!

-Would recommend!


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