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Valiant Hearts |indie Game Review



Valiant Hearts, the indie puzzle adventure game starring 4 crossed individuals in a world torn apart by war. Taking a comic book like approach on the graphics end, Valiant Hearts puts you into the shoes of 4 strangers reliving the great war.


Right from the start you’ll notice the games creative elements with a very cool comic book like approach in the story telling that actually looks great while viewing. On top of that the little puzzles in the game as well as the very informative notes on the actual facts of the wars added in on the game also makes it a very fun yet smart game that actually teaches you. (1/1)

valiant 1

Replay ability

On the replay side there’s not much to go back to once you beat a level outside of trying to collect all of the collectibles if you haven’t done son on the first play through which is quite easy to get through. (0/1)


On the gameplay side, everything feels crisp and very cool to play. Each of the characters have there own strengths or “special” abilities to use in the environment as well as the puzzle elements being challenging at some points that will keep you always on your toes. (1/1)


The game does a solid job in immersing you into each of the characters overlapping stories and add that in with the little set pieces in between levels as well as the colorful comic book style storytelling during and before each level makes for a satisfying war game that highly contrasts all of the fun that war is portrayed to be in games dealing with war today. (1/1)


Valiant Hearts was an excellent game that I enjoyed throughly. The characters each felt unique and each had a purpose, as well as the gameplay itself being fun with cool puzzle elements as well as new abilities and challenges coming into the fray which felt great to play through as well as satisfying to just watch.

Overall, a solid indie game that I believe everyone should try out if given the chance.

Valiant Hearts gets a 4 out of 5!


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