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Movie Posters |Art theme of the week Classic

Before you see the movie, you usually see the trailer or movie poster which both have major impacts on the perception for the upcoming movie. Since I’m a big fan of movies as well as art, I thought this would be a perfect chance to mesh the two together in a Art of the week Movie poster theme. Below, you’ll see funny, surreal, dark, what-if, and many more different techniques that is sure to at least peek your interest in movie genres you may have previously avoided. Be sure to like or tell your friends about your favorite movie poster from the awesome artists below, some of them may be making posters for the big studios in the future!

Sonic Movie Posterby HWO

Power Rangers Movie Poster 1by GeekTruth64

The Thing movie posterby Zenithuk

The Amazing Spidernman 2 poster by Zenithuk

The Amazing Spidernman 2 posterby Zenithuk

Tron pictogram movie posterby viktorhertz

Powerpuff the Movieby tjota

Venom movie poster whiteby TuaX

Bioshock Movie Poster 2by ScorpionSoldier

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movieby Pervert-pop

300 Movie Posterby Pencil-Dragonslayer

PewdieCry: The Movieby CherryStarwberry7

Justice League Movie Posterby daniel-morpheus

Pyromania: Movie posterby TheMinttu

Large Portal Movie Posterby Yunyin

Dora the Explorer movie posterby Windam

Assassin’s Creed movie posterby ikozmon

The Incredibles Posterby Citron–Vert

Monsters, inc. Posterby Citron–Vert

Up Posterby Citron–Vert

Deadpool movie poster of Doomby Devitch

Batman movie posterby fraser0206

Ghost Rider Illustrated Movie Posterby nicolehayley

Spiderman 3 Vector Movie Posterby nicolehayley

Iron Man Movie Posterby petemag

Major League Movie Posterby petemag

Movie Posters 1/3: The Little Mermaidby Beautiful-Dreamer602


American Dad – Indiana Jonesby SpentaMainyu


The Movie Poster Unleashedby miltographic

Green Lantern Movie Posterby SlimSpidey

[DS] The Movieby rockysprings

The Great Game – Movie Posterby Ashqtara

BATMAN MOVIE art decoby rodolforever

Superman Art Decoby rodolforever

GREEN LANTERN art decoby rodolforever

Divergent Movie Posterby 4thElementGraphics

Pokemon: The First Movie Posterby LukeCarvill

SE7EN movie posterby rodolforever

Naruto Movie Posterby Blindice

Horror-Sci-Fi Movie Posters v2 by motion-suggests

Horror-Sci-Fi Movie Posters v2by motion-suggests

Halo Movie Poster: 2by RedSkittlez-DA

IRON DAN 3 – Game Grumps Movie Poster Parodyby EyebrowScar

pokemon movie posterby GumandPeanuts17

Mickey Mouse Movie Poster Artby Slasher12

Twilight Movie Posterby hakumei-shihaku

“I always love the Scary Movie’s posters! So I got this brilliant idea of making a “That Guy With The Glasses version” of the poster, witch called “Shitty Movie” :XD:

Shitty Movie posterby LJPhil

Mass Effect: The Movie Posterby RenderEffect-Dan

Django Unchained Movie Posterby ArtofTu

Drive Movie Posterby jleeisme

L4D Dead Wish movie posterby BB-K

Cobra Commander Movie Posterby botmaster2005

PacMan Movie Posterby LoganEDavis


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