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Blues & Bullets (Indie Game Review)

Blues & Bullets Episode 1 Review

The first chapter in the indie arcade game “Blues an Bullets” series, the game takes on a dark and violent crime thriller journey set in a alternative universe with you playing as the detective Elliot Ness working with Al Capone. Blues and Bullets blends in a lot of different gameplay elements and narratives into the first episode, but does it get it right?

1.) Creativeness

On the creative side, this indie game has it all. A compelling story mixed in with combat and detective roles, each having its own importance to the overall story. Outside of that you’ll notice the striking black and white landscapes and characters contrasted by the crimson red sprinkled around for very important objects or key details which makes the game a fun experience to just watch (1/1)

blues 1

2.) Replay-ability

The story offers some replay value with the ability to choose different dialogue choices however nothing really significant that will effect the game as a whole if you do go back to change your choices. (0/1)

3.) Gameplay

On the gameplay side, Blues & Bullets does a good job in making everything easy to control as well as maneuver through, with solid gunplay for an indie detective game as well as solid detective roles that actually make the detective work in the game slightly challenging but more importantly something fun to do that’s actually a plus for the game and not a negative like it can be for other games. (1/1)

blues 2

4.) Immersion

The first episode does an okay job in immersing you into the story however there’s still elements in the game where I didn’t feel connected to the main character, Eliot Ness, in which I hope they flesh out more in the later episodes which will in turn make me feel more invested in the story as being something that I can help shape. (.5)

5.) fun

Blues & bullets was fun from start to finish for me, i’m not for sure if it was because it was a black and white game and I like noir games or was it just because it mixed in a lot of different elements that seem to mesh well. Any who, the games does it right and was quite an enjoyable and unique game to try out compared to a lot of the same copy and paste games you may see in a lot of mainstream games.

Overall, a satisfying experience that I would recommend to any gamer who likes story games.

Blues & Bullets gets a 3.5 out of 5.


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