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Linda Lind “All Night Long” |Music Mondays

The independent artist,’Linda Lind’, is out with a steamy new music video showcasing her new song “All Night Long”. First let’s start out with the song itself, Linda has a very sultry voice that resonates perfectly with the hard hitting electro beats as well as the smoother vibes in the background. 

On the music video side, the visual imagery in each section is spot on and quickly keeps you engaged with each new transition having a very prominent visual contrast that was quite enjoyable to watch. Not to mention the alluring dance moves by Linda and her back up choreographers that makes me want to go out and learn some new dance moves so that I can catch up haha, but there was a lot of work in those two departments that had me re-watching the video quite a few times, especially to the scenes with the red tint overlaid. Overall, a solid song and music video from an up and coming artist that i’m hoping will make it mainstream one day as well as the other artists I showcase on the blog! If you haven’t already, you should definitely give this music video a watch, you’ll be glad you did!


Linda Lind is a Swedish singer, songwriter and producer. Ten days after graduation high school in Sweden she packed two suitcases and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a successful artist. All Night Long is the first release out of a series of new music that she has been working on.

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