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Into The Woods/Born Again by Damien Tha Demon (Late Night Jammin’)

A mix of very different hip hop/electronic mixed style beats, “Damien The Demon” sets himself apart from the crowd with a very unique approach in the sound department. In his two instrumentals, “Into The Woods” and “Born Again”  you’ll notice right from the start that there’s two different elements, one on beat and one not so much.


At first the off-key sound on the overlay of the song can seem distracting and somewhat of a turn-off, but after listening to the instrumentals multiple times actually doesn’t sound to bad to the ear and makes it stand out from any instrumentals that you may hear on the radio or on the net. If you’re a fan of different takes on music, or if you’re a fan of instrumentals you should definitely give these 2 instrumentals a hear. Listening to the instrumentals the first time may throw you off a bit, but after the 2nd or third listen you’ll definitely get more acquainted with the sounds.

Artist Bio: 

Damien the Demon is the alias of a instrumentalist/producer from the state of Michigan. He lives near Detroit and has always been interested in electronic and hip hop and rap beats. To this day he continues on his missions to get his music wildly heard and distributed across the globe. Damien The Demon’s music is the foil that drives his creativity.



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