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Evidence Of Harm | Shocking Yet Very Informative Film

Randall Moore’s Oscar qualifying film, “Evidence Of Harm” is a very informative and shocking indie film that highlights three ordinary Americans whose lives abruptly change after suffering devastating effects of hazardous mercury vapors which occurred during regular routine dental procedures.


The indie film does a great job in showing just how traumatic and unexpected the victims felt when finding out about the toxic implants, as well as giving sound evidence on how the dental industry took the news and how they chose to show a blind eye hurting millions of Americans with the toxic mercury fillings because of the high profits they were making.


Being analytical, the film does a great job in showing many different sources and examples of why the silver fillings can cause so many life threatening problems in a person, scientifically as well as practically. With heart warming examples from real life victims as well as through professionals in the industry . Also Moore does a good job in showing how the people who are supposed to be their to protect us are sometimes biased, such as FDA head Margaret Hamburg, who was supposed to be evaluating the safety dispute with the amalgam, yet at the same time serving on a board of a big amalgam manufacturer (Which to me, raises a ton of flags).


Overall, a pretty solid film that was surprisingly not boring too watch, being quite entertaining with enough knowledge to grasp from start to finish. If you haven’t already you should definitely check out this independent film, if you’re a person who likes to be informed as well as entertained from a problem that’s commonly out in the world that you’ve been blind too then you should definitely check out this film.

Available now! (Just click any of the pictures or this text here)



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