Supervillians! |Art Theme Of The week Classic

A few weeks ago I did a superhero art theme of the week and got a ton of views, so in honor of that I thought I would start another super theme, starring some of the Supervillians in DC and Marvel and awesome artists from DeviantArt who created them. I still have plans on doing a superhero theme of the week for hero’s outside of the United States as well as indie superheroes who aren’t in the mainstream so if any of you guys and gals have ideas on who I should feature be sure to comment below or email at

Galactusby Baldasseroni

Heralds Of Galactusby EspenG

Galactusby NicKChaN-NiKKi

Galactusby ArtOfWei

Doomsdayby demitrybelmont

Doomsdayby LivioRamondelli

WIP – Doomsdayby thefreshdoodle

Dark phoneix commishby Peter-v-Nguyen

The Cyborg Supermanby Superman8193

Cyborg Supermanby ArtistAbe

New 52 Cyborg Superman 3by Superman8193

Blackfireby BlackDiamond13

Blackfireby Xynphix

Magneto ONSLAUGHTby PatCarlucci

Onslaughtby Paul-art

DARKSEIDby daikkenaurora

Darkseidby Niggaz4life

Darkseidby Kenpudiosaki

carnageby nebezial

CARNAGEby EdwardDelandreArt

Lady Ashke (Venom)by Amalgam-Images

LAdy Ashke (Carnage Symbiote) Coloredby Amalgam-Images

Venomby PACkO-MX

Venomby nevreme

Apocalypseby Ginjirou

‘A’ is for APOCALYPSEby CoranKizerStone

Apocalypseby spidermanfan2099


hobgoblinby leseraphin

Killer Frostby Forty-Fathoms

Killer Frost Winsby YinYanks-YangYips

Thanosby Memed

Thanosby pinkhavok

Thanosby Hodges-Art

Poison Ivyby Liquid-86

Poison Ivyby DiegoBernard

black mantaby larthosgrr8

fury of the mantaby IVLOCK

Arkham City Mr.Freezeby Chuckdee

Mr.Freezeby artleshiy

mr.freezeby videsh

Harley Quinn by khaamar

Harley Quinnby khaamar

Harley Quinn – Poker faceby polarityplus

JOKERby Cinar

The Jokerby sullen-skrewt

Catwomanby JimboBox

Catwomanby theghan

Catwomanby redtrujillo

Mr. Freezeby redtrujillo

The Riddlerby redtrujillo


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