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Bad Music For Loud Neighbors! |The Best Album I’ve Ever Heard!

Halloween is around the corner and what is the best way to annoy your loud neighbors and trick or treaters? That’s right, with annoying music that will have everyone screaming and running from your house from sheer terror! This album by far is the best, yes the BEST album i’ve ever reviewed on the site. There’s loads of different instrumental sounds that everyone will fall in love with. There’s the screeching violinist, the ear numbing trombonist and much more, this album has it all! 


But on a serious note, ‘Bad Music For Loud Neighbors’ is the perfect gag gift or album to get if you actually do have those annoying neighbors who are always too loud. I’m sure you’ll have loads of laughs with your friends while listening to this album and better yet, you can even roll your windows down and blast the screeching music from the album for the whole world to enjoy! I may just buy an album to just play on repeat in front of my house for Halloween hahaa, “Bad Music For Loud Neighbors” gets a 5 out of 5, the best worst album on the globe. Available now, just click the pics below!


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