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Over My Dead Body (Short Film)

Marie’s night goes horribly wrong when a zombie shows up for her blind date. Now she must figure out a way to let him down easy, or else…a new short film from writer Zergog Sebastian Tovar and director Timothy Plain. Produced by Alrik Bursell. Starring Karina Wolfe and Jeremy Mascia.

A surprisingly well done horror/comedy that gets it right. “Over My Dead Body” starts out like your typical horror film with the protagonist doing their day to day activities while a darkness looms over but quickly changes that, with a good amount of funny moments and comedic lines that actually makes you feel for the “monster”  (Jeremy Mascia) or should I say Zombie instead of the unknowing blind date (Karina Wolfe).


The acting was well done with each of the actors portraying their roles believably, well as believably as a talking zombie with cognitive thinking can be hahaa. The lighting is well done and fits perfect with the whole eerie horror type feel and the sound is very superb, especially for a indie short film, feeling in the gaps and creating emotions throughout the story at just the right times to keep it pushing further. If you haven’t already definitely check out this short film, perfect to get yourself for Halloween this upcoming Saturday!

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2 thoughts on “Over My Dead Body (Short Film)

  1. This is love story meets night of the living dead while watching pee week’s playhouses…
    A great film with a lot of fun twists and turns all in good fun…

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