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Fun facts behind: Lapdance Romance

So last week I reviewed a pretty cool and steamy music video by Borge Queen called Lapdance Romance if you missed it. Well I was fortunate to also get some behind the scenes fun facts from the creation of the video and man they’re pretty good haha, check them out below.

1. Due to budget constraints the video was shot in my living room

2. The video concept is based on the true story of how I met my real life partner in a lap dance
3. The leading man in the video is my real life partner who the song is written about

borg queen 3

4. The villain in the video is my high school ex-boyfriend
5. All of the sets and costumes were designed by me
6. I made all of the costumes and built the sets with my partner who is actually a cabinetmaker

borg queen 4

7. One of the SFX make-up artists also played the absinthe fairy
8. The glowing liquid fx were made by mixing highlighter fluid and tonic water under UV light and sprayed on skin slathered in mineral oil
9. And YES we are totally naked in the glowing scenes and the water was cold so there was a bit if shrinkage

borg queen 2

I bet you never guessed number 4 right? Check out the music video below and see if you can catch any of the other ones!


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